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Quick Guide to Making a Purchase


Use this page as a guide to help streamline the aquisition process.

As a reminder, University policy requires that competitive bids be obtained and reviewed by Procurement Services from at least two (2) qualified vendors, when available, for all orders totaling over $10,000.00. When the bidding process does not apply, policy requires written justification and evidence from the department to Procurement prior to commitment of an order.

Thank you.

Purchase Process

As individuals with purchasing power on campus, it is the role of BC business units to work with Procurement Services to make fair, fiscally responsible, value-added purchasing decisions. Whether you are buying commmodities, services or technology all purchases require the following basic steps:

 1. Identify a purchase need   2.Contact Procurement   3. Create the requisition

Review the applicable Quick Guides to help you navigate the purchase process.  Following these steps allows for a timely and efficient experience.

To open the documents click on the images below.

Commodity Purchase Quick Guide
Commodity Purchase Quick Guide
IT Purchase Process Quick Guide
Technology Acquisition Quick Guide
Professional Services Purchase Quick Guide
Professional Services Purchase Quick Guide
Scientific Equipment Purchase Process Quick Guide
Scientific Equipment Purchase Quick Guide