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P-1's P-Card Role and Responsibility

• The P-1 must assign a Departmental P-Card Administrator in his or her responsible department or departments. This person/s must be a P-2 since access to PeopleSoft is necessary for maintainence of the P-card program and P-card reconciliation.

• If the assigned Departmental P-card Administrator has a p-card in his or her name, then the P-1 must assign a different person within the department to review the DPA's charges. Otherwise, the P-1 will be responsible to review those charges.

•The P-1 must be aware of who the current cardholders are in the department and must approve (or be aware) of any new cards assigned to employees.

•At the end of the fiscal year, the P-1 must run a report on PeopleSoft listing all current cardholders. This report must be printed, reviewed, dated, signed, and filed for Internal Audit review.

Tools Provided to P-1's for P-Card Mainteinence

• If requested, the P-1 may have access to all p-cards in US Bank's Access-on-line to troubleshoot p-card issues within the department/s, check real-time balances or declines, review charges or run reports.

• This website provides step by step p-card reconciliation instructions and guidelines for P-1's, P-2's and cardholders for PeopleSoft and US Bank's Access-on-line.

•PeopleSoft Queries provided: 

1) BC_PCARD_HOLDER_LISTING: To obtain a list of all active p-cards in the department or departments assigned to the P-1.

2) BC_PCARD_DATA_BY_DEPT: to review P-card purchases made by the P-2 or others in the department.