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Contracts & Preferred Suppliers

Boston College

Boston College Contract and Services

Contracts and Standards

The contracts and standards list contains suppliers that have a pricing agreement in place with Boston College.





Boston College Contracts & Standards

Product/Services and Supplier Listing

The product, services and supplier listing contains preferred Suppliers Boston College has worked with in the past.


Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)

Boston College is a member of the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC). As a member we are able to merge our buying power with that of over 82 other colleges and universities in Massachusetts to obtain volume discounted pricing from over 500 suppliers and contracts. To obtain more information on the MHEC or to view the contracts available visit the MHEC web site.

Boston College is also a member of Mass Buying Power offering referral discount certificates to employees of MHEC member institutions. For more information contact Lyn Turner at 781-829-4900, ext/ 12.


Amazon Purchases

On November 1, 2013, Amazon began charging taxes for Massachusetts residents.  In order to avoid being taxed for purchases made through Amazon for your department, you must download the University‚Äôs Tax Exempt certificates (ST-5) and (ST-2). The certificates need to be downloaded for every Amazon account and will need to be updated every three years.  Use of the University's tax exempt forms for personal purchases is prohibited and subject to tax penalties.  Once Amazon accepts the tax-exempt certificates, all purchases will be tax-free. Personal purchases should be made on a separate Amazon account.

Instructions: Downloading Tax Exempt Forms Into a BC AMAZON Account