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Bid Policy

procurement services

Boston College requires that competitive bidding be utilized in all instances where goods or services exceeding certain cost limits will be purchased from external suppliers.

According to the University Purchasing Policy, competitive bids must be obtained from at least two (2) qualified vendors, when available, for all standard orders totaling over $10,000.00.  Items and orders of lesser values may also warrant competitive bidding depending upon existing market forces and time constraints. Purchases made from University contracts do not require additional bidding, as they have been awarded based on full University requirements. University contracts and standards should be used when possible.

Procurement Services is responsible for managing the bidding process for most of the externally supplied goods and services required by University departments. Procurement Services handles the qualification of potential bidders, the solicitation and analysis of bids, any negotiations, and the awarding of business to vendors. It is important, therefore, that you communicate your plans for major purchases (as defined above) to our department as early as possible so there will be reasonable time to accomplish the bidding procedure. To guide you in contacting the appropriate individuals in Procurement, please refer to the Staff Profiles

Payments for goods and services under $5,000 should be made to contracted vendors using the University Purchasing Card, where not restricted. Goods and services over $5,000 should be made using the University procurement system, PeopleSoft Financials.

In accordance with the University Signature Authority; contracts must be reviewed by the Office of Legal Services and /or Procurement Services, where applicable.

Sole Source/Vendor Justification Form

If it is necessary to request a specific consultant, brand name, specific manufacturer, or  other sole source as the supplier of a product or service, the department is required to provide Procurement Services with written justification for the request by completing a Sole Source or Vendor Justification Form, including evaluations of the product or service and the supplier(s) and specific evidence of all research conducted in order to make the sole source determination. This documentation must be reviewed and approved or rejected by Procurement Services prior to commitment of an order.