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Change Requests

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Beginning September 5, 2019 departments will make their own changes to Requisitions after the PO has been sourced through PeopleSoft Financials.  The Change Request will be routed through workflow for approval.  Please review the Change Request webpage for detailed information on the Change Request Process, Step-by-Step Guides and FAQ's.


Change Request Business Process

Change Request Business Process

The Change Request Business Process document defines the Business Process, the Purpose of Change Requests, Types of Change Requests, Rules for Creating Change Requests, Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks, and Helpful Queries. 

Click here open the document.

Change Requests

Step-by-Step User Guides

Click one of the links below to view the appropriate change you would like to make.  




Step-by-Step Approval

Step-by-Step Approval

Click here to access the Step-by-Step Approval Guide for Department, Special Fund, and Special Account approvals.   

Click here open the document.

Change Order Form - PO #'s prior to 0000135161 & Close Requests

Change Order Requests for PO #'s prior to  0000135161& Close Requests

For PO's with a PO# less than 0000135161 you must complete the PO Change Order Form instead of a Change Request in PeopleSoft. 

If you need an individual PO closed, complete a Requisition Change Request in PeopleSoft to disencumber the funds and change the due date to the date you are making the change in PeopleSoft.  Procurement will regularly close PO's with a balance of $.01 or less and a due date that has passed. 

For batch closes, send an email to with and attached Excel file listing all PO's and the Project ID





Frequently Asked Question

(Click here if you would like a copy to print)

1.) What is the difference between a Change Request and a Change Order?

A Change Request is created when a Requester makes changes to the original requisition after the associated Purchase Order has been dispatched. Based upon the type of change, the requisition will be re-routed through workflow for approval.

A Change Order is created by the Buyer either by (1) approving a Change Request and turning it into a Change Order or (2) making a change directly to a dispatched Purchase Order. Change Orders are then dispatched to the vendor.

2.) How do Change Requests work?

Change Requests must be submitted through PeopleSoft Financials. Users will edit their existing requisitions in order to kick off the workflow and if necessary, approvals, for changes which will ultimately result in a Change Order. Please reference the step-by-step guides available on the Procurement Website for additional details.

What you can change: Quantity, unit price, total amount, due date, and description.

What you cannot change: Vendor, any chartfield information (this includes account code, department id, project number, etc.), or business unit.

3.) Why can’t I create a Change Request through PeopleSoft on an old requisition/purchase order?

Due to the previous Change Order process, many existing requisitions are not in sync with the associated purchase orders. In order to streamline the process and avoid confusion, we have identified the requisition and purchase order number cut-off for the new Change Request process.

4.) Who should I contact if I am having issues creating a Change Request in PeopleSoft?

Please submit your question through the Change Request Support Form for assistance.

5.) What do I do if my PO has the wrong chartfield information?

Disencumber the funds and create a new requisition. Changing the chartfield on an encumbered PO to something different from the original chartfield on the purchase order causes problems with commitment control, reporting, and budget errors.

6.) What do I do if my PO has the wrong vendor?

If the PO has been sourced but no invoices have been processed against the PO, please submit the Change Order Request Form.

If invoices have been processed against the PO, disencumber the remaining funds and create a requisition for the remainder of the order.

7.) Has the process to submit bulk close requests on Grants or Capital Projects Changed?

No. Please continue to send bulk close requests by grant/project ID to the category buyer. You may send this in an Excel file listing the Project ID, PO Number, Vendor and PO Status.