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In order to view the documents which have a pdf extension on the file name, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5.0 or greater) installed on your computer. Download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.


            FY19 VP Extraordinary Request Form

To request a budget transfer which cannot be processed online in the PeopleSoft Financials system please use the form Budget Change Request. The form is a MS-Excel file. Send the completed form to Jennifer Parsons via email or fax  617-552-4848.

To request a formally named program in your department, please use the Program Request Form. To request a new department, please use the New Department Request Form.  Both forms are MS-Excel files. Send the completed form to your Dean or Vice President's office for approval. Only a program or department request form sent from an approver in the Dean or Vice President's office to Chuck Adams via email will be processed. A program or department request form with the approver's signature may also be faxed to 617-552-4848.

Reports, Queries and Inquiries

For an overview and instructions for using online queries and inquiries to view budgets, please refer to the documents, Overview: Budget Queries and Inquiries and Budget Queries and Inquiries Info.

Summary budget-to-accounted comparison information may be viewed using the ACR queries or reports. The queries are available in two versions. The BC_GL_ACR_ALL_SLRY is available to salary administrators and includes all position salary data. The BC_GL_ACR_STDNT_SLRY is available to primary users (P1's) and department administrators (P2a's), and it includes only non-position salary data such as undergraduate and graduate student salary budgets. The report versions of the ACR, both the version which includes position salary information and the one which does not, are available in Vista. For a description of what information is included on the ACR queries and reports please refer to the document, ACR Budget and Accounted Comparison Report. To access the reports please refer to the document, How to use Vista.

The ACR report may be run in the PeopleSoft Financials system by department administrators who have the P1 and P2a role. This may be useful for reviewing the current month activity before the ACR reports are published in Vista at the end of each month.

Budget and accounted transaction detail may be viewed using inquiries and reports. Like the ACR, the transaction detail inquiry (TDI) and transaction detail report (TDR) are available in two versions. One version includes position salary data and one does not. Only salary administrators may use versions which include position salary data. For instructions about using the inquiries please refer to the document, TDI Transaction Detail Inquiry. For a description of the report please refer to the document, TDR Transaction Detail Report. To access the reports please refer to the document, How to use Vista.

Salary administrators have access to four queries in the PeopleSoft Human Resources system. The inquiries provide Encumbrances by HR Account Code, Position Budgets by HR Account Code, Encumbrances by Position, Encumbrances by Chartstring. Please refer to the instructions, Salary Inquiries in the PeopleSoft HR System.

For additional queries, please refer to the overviews available on the webpage, General Ledger Queries and Inquiries.

See the most up-to-date salary budget balances for students and employees using the improved HR Budget Inquiry page which now displays more detail about pending balances.