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Fingerprint Services


The Boston College Police Department offers free fingerprinting service to all current Boston College faculty, staff and students. Please carefully review all the instructions and requirements below. At this time, we are offering inked prints only. No electronic versions can be processed or provided at this time.

Fingerprint services are only scheduled online and are offered on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00-5:00 PM. Due to the safety precautions and sanitizing requirements surrounding the Covid-19 virus, one appointment per hour will be available. Single person appointments only.

Standard FD-258 fingerprint cards will be provided if needed. If different cards are required, you must provide them. Do not fill in, or sign the cards prior to your arrival.  You must bring a government issued ID (driver’s/professional license, passport, etc.) and your BCID. Service cannot be provided without these documents.

Due to the close contact required to provide this service, the following instructions must be followed before services will be provided:

An Illness Questionnaire must be fully completed before service can be provided. The form can be downloaded here to print, or you may pick-up a printed copy at BCPD Headquarters- prior to your scheduled arrival time.

You must be equipped with and wearing a surgical type mask or appropriate face covering which covers the nose and mouth (NOT a scarf or bandana open on the bottom), which must be in place prior to entering the lobby. The face covering must be properly worn at all times while in the facility.  

Appointments may only be scheduled through this link which requires your standard BC credentials and a connection through EagleVPN to sign-in. Duplicate requests will not be accepted. If the schedule for your preferred day does not display an open slot, one is not available. You may try again later, or choose another day to see if slots are available.