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Compliments or Complaints

boston college police department

The Boston College Police Department strives to develop and maintain positive relationships with all members of the Boston College community and endeavors to provide the highest quality of service possible.

Our goal is to ensure that BCPD employees are guided by principles so every individual they come in contact with be treated equally and with dignity.

A citizen complaint, and its' subsequent investigation, causes the police to examine the services that are provide to the BC community and to make improvements when needed.

Each complaint will be accepted in a courteous and professional manner. All complaints will be properly documented and investigated in a timely fashion with appropriate follow up. Anonymous complaints, while accepted will limit our ability to adequately resolve the issue without corroborating information.

If you wish to file a formal complaint, please fill out the form; listed below on the left navaigation list. A trained investigator will be assigned and will be in contact with you. Although not necessary, students may have an ODSD advisor. The role of any advisor shall be conducted in conjunction with the "Student Guide" handbook concerning the same subject. If you would like to immediately speak with a Police Supervisor about the incident please call 617.552.4440 and ask for the Shift Sergeant on duty.

If you would care to email me directly, with a compliment or a complaint, please feel free to contact the Chief of Police.