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Sexual Assault

A Resource for College Students


Rape Is A Sexual Assault Which Includes:

  • Lack of consent
  • The threat or use of force
  • Penetration (this includes oral, vaginal and or anal penetration by either a body part or an object).

Rape Also Includes:

  • Unconscious
  • Alcohol or Drug Intoxicated
  • Mentally Impaired
  • Under the age of 16

Incdecent Assault and Battery is a sexual assualt that includes intentional touching of the breast, inner thighs, groin/vaginal area, and buttocks without the victim's consent.

Date Rape and Acquaintance Rape is STILL RAPE. Rape is rape whether you know the person or not.

Date Rape Drugs Are drugs that may be used to make a person unconscious or unable to remember what happened during an assault.

Anyone Can Be Impacted by a sexual assault---regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, education, occupation, socioeconomic background, or race.

If You Report a sexual assault to the police, you will not be forced to prosecute. Your name is kept confidential, as is the nature of the crime. No one will see your name in a police blotter.

The Police Will Give You the information you need to make an educated and informed decision about what you want to do.

If You Seek Medical Attention, the exam, which includes evidence collection, medications, and discharge instructions, takes approximately 3-4 hour. If there are medical issues such as extensive physical injuries, the need to stay at the hospital may be longer.

You Never Have To Go Through This Alone. A sexual assault advocate is a phone call away through the resources listed.

You Will Not Get In Trouble if you admit that you were drinking or doing drugs at the time of the sexual assault.

It Is NOT Your Fault. No matter how you were dressed or what you were doing. It is NEVER your fault.

Many Of The Sexual Assaults experienced by college students occur in situations involving alcohol use by the victim, the assailant, or both.

Often, Victims Who Had Been Drinking and or using drugs at the time of the assault have feelings of guild and self blame. It is important to remember that a victim is NEVER responsible for a sexual assault. No one has a right to have sex with you without your consent. If a person has sex with you when you are unable to give consent, or are prevented from resisting due to the effects of alcohol or drugs, it is considered rape or sexual assault, if the person knew or should have reasonably known that you were mentally or physically incapacitated. Even if the person who assaulted you had been drinking, he/she is still responsible for his/her behavior. Being drunk is not an excuse for committing any criminal act, including sexual assault.

In Most Sexual Assaults of college students, the victim knew, was friends with, or is part of a network of friends with the assailant. He or she may not want to report the sexual assault for fear that it will change the relationships they have formed with people, or for fear of embarrassment, or that they will be blamed for "ruining the assailant's life". Using resources on campus such as BC Police, SAnet, or Counseling Services can help minimize those feeling and help a victim make informed decisions.




Get To A Safe Place. If an emergency exists, call the Police immediately.

Seek Medical Attention at an emergency room; preferably at a SANE Site (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) even if you do not want to report the assault. You need to make sure you have no physical injuries and that you receive appropriate medications.

Do Not bathe, shower, douche, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, gargle, change your clothes, brush or comb your hair, eat, drink, or smoke until after you have gone to the emergency room and spoke with a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.

If You Choose, you may have forensic evidence collected at the emergency room.

If You Believe you were drugged, you may choose to have a Toxicology kit done, but you must do this soon after the assault as some drugs leave your system quickly. If you were drinking alcohol, you may choose to have your blood alcohol level documented.

If You Decide To Report the assault to the police, remember that the sooner you report to the police, the greater the chances that the police will be able to proceed with an investigation, and that the person will be caught.


Sexual Assault Policy and Resource Guide

Boston College Police Department 

University Health Services
A.M. 617-552-2225 P.M. 617-552-3227

University Counseling Services
A.M. 617-552-3310  P.M. 617-552-3227

Women's Center

Fenway Health: Violence Recovery Program


Boston Area Rape Crisis Center
617-492-8306 or 800-841-8371

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
330 Brookline Avenue, Boston MA 02115
Rape Crisis Center 617-667-8141

Brigham & Women's Hospital SANE Site
75 Francis Street, Boston MA 02115
ER 617-732-5636

Massachusetts  Sex Offender Registry Board

Massachuetts State Parole Board

Questions about Sexual Assault