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Crime Prevention Education

Take a Bite Out of Crime


Crime prevention is the attempt to reduce victimization and to deter crime and criminals.

Whether you live on or off-campus, living in the greater Boston area can be a fun and rewarding experience. With this, however, comes the responsibility to protect yourself and others from crime. The best weapon against criminal intent is knowledge.

Criminals have the desire to commit crimes, don't give them the opportunity.

Elements necessary for a crime to occur:

  1. Desire or motivation on the part of the criminal.

       2. The skills & tools needed to commit             the crime.

       3. Opportunity.


Crime Prevention Resources

Crime Prevention Services Request

Use this form to request services for Crime Prevention Education.  Please fill in the information below that is applicable to your request.  If you have a request for services or presentations not listed, please state this in the section, "Comments regarding your request."  When you are finished, click on the submit button at the bottom and your request will be emailed to the BC Police Department.





















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