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Bureau of Investigative Services

Detective Flaherty

David Flaherty

Lieutenant Detective

Oversees the Bureau of Investigative Services for Boston College


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The Boston College Police Department's Bureau of Investigative Services is responsible for the follow-up investigation of most criminal offenses that are reported to BCPD.

There are currently five Detectives assigned to the Investigations Division. Detectives must have several years of patrol experience and demonstrate investigative and problem solving skills before they are assigned to the position. Once assigned to the unit, a Detective will receive many additional hours of training that are unique and specialized for their field. These areas include: interview and interrogations, crime scene processing, latent fingerprint developing, advanced photography, search and seizure, sexual assault investigation, drug related crime investigation, computer forensic investigation, and many other courses. The Investigations Division is currently commanded by Lieutenant Detective David Flaherty.

Detectives also work closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. BCPD depends on the assistance of these agencies to conduct investigations beyond the confines of the campus. These agencies also look to BCPD to provide needed equipment, knowledge, and resources that they may need to conduct their own investigations.