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The Modules


Gasson Hall

The University Core Systems Project will be rolled out in components:

Curriculum Management

Curriculum Management is the first module of the Kuali Student system to be implemented. This module provides course and program management functionality including course numbers, titles and descriptions, and other attributes about a course that are printed in the Catalog.


The Enrollment module allows institutions to manage the enrollment life cycle of students once admitted to the institution. It supports all the functionality required for students to complete any activities that are offered. It supports registration, schedule of courses, program and course selection, grades, and class lists. 

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid module comprises all the processes to manage internal and external loans and awards. It will support all pertinent legislative and government requirements and regulations. It also tracks external loans on behalf of other awarding agencies.

Academic Planning

The Academic Planning module will allow students to create a number of plans, such as one that focuses on their major, one that focuses on other interests such as social justice, theater, etc. They can share plans with their advisor and receive feedback. During registration, the student can select a plan to register into. The registration system would then validate the plan making sure the courses are still being offered, that they are still open, and that the student completed all pre-reqs. The student is then registered into the courses that had no issues. 

Student Accounts

The Student Accounts module is the student financial services component built to support student accounting needs including tuition, room and board charges, financial aid credits and subsequent billing statements.

Degree Audit

The Degree Audit module will enable a student and his or her faculty advisor to assess the student’s academic progress and unfulfilled degree requirements. The degree audit is a valuable tool for academic planning because it matches the courses a student has taken with the requirements of his or her degree program.


Kuali Enterprise Workflow is a general-purpose electronic routing infrastructure, or workflow engine. It manages the creation, routing, and processing of electronic documents (eDocs) necessary to complete a transaction. Applications can use Kuali Enterprise Workflow to automate and regulate the approval process for the transactions or documents they create.

The process starts when someone creates an eDoc. Workflow then routes the eDoc electronically to the attention of designated individuals, based on university or departmental policies. Routing is typically done for approval, so the route followed by an eDoc is functionally similar to that followed by a paper document.

The first Workflow application is the Sabbatical Request Form.