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where we started

Boston College's existing University Information System (UIS) dates back to the 1970s; because of its age, the college has been encountering an increasing series of limitations and challenges. A Task Force was created to assess the university's business requirements, evaluate options for replacing the existing systems, and recommend solutions to meet the university's needs. After a year of close review, the Task Force recommended Kuali as the software solution.


where we are

The EagleApps Project is being rolled out in components:

  • Curriculum Management - implemented December 2013
  • Financial Aid - currently in the implementation process
  • Enrollment  - requirement sessions began April 2014
  • Student Accounts  - requirement sessions began April 2014
  • Workflow - requirement sessions began Fall 2013


where we are going

The EagleApps team will continue to implement all remaining components of UIS - Degree Audit, Health Services, Housing, Enrollment and more. We expect the projects to be completed sometime in 2018.