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Create a HELP ticket

For Aux Services Technology Help

In order to serve you better, we have adopted an on-line help ticketing system which assigns and tracks issues, as well as allows quick communication between you and the Aux Services Systems team:

  • Melia Kula
  • David Morrissette
  • John Connelly
  • Gesnele Porcena

When you click the link below, you will be prompted to log in using your standard BC username/password. This new site only works properly in Firefox and Chrome. PLEASE DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER OR YOU WILL BE FRUSTRATED.

**NOTE: Off campus users will need to run Eagle VPN in order to access the ticketing system.  For help on Eagle VPN go here.

Remember that any time a critical system goes off-line during your operating hours, it is best that you text or call Gesnele and/or John immediately, then follow up with a ticket.


These are the fields you will be required to complete for every ticket you submit:

  • Your Team – select your dining unit or department name, such as Hillside Café or Transportation
  • Business Service – this one is a little tricky, but think of it as the division that houses whichever software/service you are reporting on
  • Technical Service – select the specific system are you having trouble with (EBMS, FoodPro, CSGold, Micros, etc.) If you do not find the software/system you are looking for, try changing the Business Service.
  • Task Action – we’ve pre-populated a list of most reported issues for you to choose from. Feel free to choose “Other” if your issue is not listed.
  • Priority – Default set to “3 – Average”. Select the importance of the issue using this guide:
    • 4 - Low = 1-2 week resolution
    • 3 - Average = Within the next 3-4 business days. DEFAULT
    • 2 - High = Today or Tomorrow
    • 1 - Critical = A Critical System is completely down and we are unable to serve our customers at this moment
  • Description – this is where you add your narrative or story and any error messages you may be receiving
  • Submit and Attach – Attach a copy of a spread sheet, Word document, screen shot or PDF if you need to. Please SAVE after you attach your file.

Once your request is submitted it will be automatically assigned to someone on the systems team. You (the contact) will receive a confirmation email once the ticket is generated. Some tasks require an approval and will not be acted upon by the Aux Services support team until that approval has been granted through the system. The approver will be automatically notified by the system via email when a ticket is awaiting their approval.