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Using Technology to Prepare Instructional Leaders for K12 Schools

Rebecca Lowenhaupt

Assistant Professor, Lynch School of Education

This project will leverage new technologies to provide innovative and relevant instruction to graduate education for aspiring school leaders in the Lynch School of Education. Today, educational leaders face social, cultural, and professional challenges that accompany dramatically changing demographics in schools, policies that promote standardization and compliance, and the face-paced growth of technology. To support these future administrators in meeting these challenges, I propose to use ATIG funds to redesign a core course in our Masters’ program, “ELHE7708: Instructional Leadership.”  Funds will support the purchase of a class set of iPads and associated applications related to teacher observation, feedback, and evaluation.


The course introduces students to many issues within the field of school supervision, such as the relationship between supervision and teacher development, adult learning theories, school effectiveness, curriculum development, and instructional improvement. The course addresses the changing nature of instructional leadership in the contexts of standards and accountability, as well as equity and diversity considerations in the context of changing demographics. The course teaches a set of practices associated with instructional leadership, which increasingly rely on iPad applications and associated technologies in the field. Students conduct classroom observations, mock evaluations, prepare feedback for teachers, and plan program reviews to practice the skills of instructional leadership. In K12 schools, all of these practices draw on technological tools which are being developed and implemented in the field. ATIG funds will support the adaptation of ELHE 7708 to incorporate these new technological tools into the curriculum, providing the opportunity for training in their use to aspiring school leaders.