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Boston Colllege students in a High-Fidelity birthing simulation at CSON

Incorporating High-Fidelity Simulation In Childbearing Nursing Curriculum

Mary Colleen Simonelli

Clinical Assistant Professor, Maternal/Child Health Nursing, Connell School Of Nursing

The purpose of this project is to introduce learning by simulation into the undergraduate Childbearing clinical course. The grant will be used to purchase the obstetrical high-fidelity simulation models (Birthing Noelle and Newborn Hal) as well as equipment necessary to create a realistic obstetrical hospital environment. It is well documented that human simulation provides a unique teaching modality that fosters transference of theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom to real-life situations without jeopardizing patient safety. Complex disease processes often complicate routine pregnancies and require nurses to make swift, accurate assessments and implement timely interventions. To develop these skills, nursing students will learn in scenarios that evoke realistic patient responses and allow for learner trial and error without sacrificing efficient and safe delivery of patient care. High-fidelity simulation will enhance—not replace— clinical coursework, allowing CSON Childbearing faculty to provide quality education, meet the demands of increasing enrollment, and develop the next generation of nurses as competent and valuable members of the health care team.