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The Mindful Teacher

The Mindful Teacher

Dennis Shirley

Professor, Teacher Education, Lynch School of Education

The Mindful Teacher Project will create an app that can be used on a hand-held device to help busy teachers to focus their minds before entering into the instructional situation. A pilot app will be developed in the summer of 2012 with the technical assistance of an app designer. The app will be piloted in the fall semester 2012 Social Contexts of Education course taught by the Pl and a preliminary evaluation using pre-tests and post-test will be conducted to modify and improve the app. the app will then be available to teachers everywhere with access to apps beginning in January 2013 and will continue to be modified and improved. The app will then be used a second time in the fall semester 2013 Social Contexts of Education course and a second set of pre-tests and post-tests will be designed and used with students to further improve the app. Research findings on the app will be presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association in April 2013.