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MediaKron Special Projects


ATAB invited faculty to submit a proposal for developing a MediaKron project and to join a cohort of faculty developing similar projects. MediaKron is a web-based toolkit for digital thinking and storytelling developed at Boston College for Boston College faculty. In addition to developing a project, faculty have committed to participating in a cohort to collaborate and discuss pedagogical uses of MediaKron and ways in which it can enhance teaching and learning. The cohort will provide a report at the end of the project outlining findings that will inform faculty and student use of MediaKron as it continues to evolve as an instructional tool.


The following 13 faculty MediaKron Special Projects cohort members will produce projects using MediaKron during the 2015-16 Academic year:

Stephanie Leone and Nancy Netzer, Fine Arts

McMullen Museum Collection


Lichuan Ye, Nursing

Sleep Education Program


Eric Weiskott, English

The Vision of William Banastre, A Middle English Alliterative


Christopher Wilson, English

Reading Reportage


Laurie Shepard, Romance Languages and Literatures

The Perspective of Literature, ENG2206 & ITAL 3314 Literature and Business


Laura White, Nursing

Current Issues in Pediatric Primary Care


Bonnie Rudner, English

Frozen in Time? Disney and Body Images


Amy Smith, Nursing

St. Ignatius Virtual Hospital: A MediaKron Project


Martin Scanlan, Higher Education and Educational Leadership

MediaKron for Educational Leaders


Scott Cummings, Theater Department

Mapping London Theatre


Johann Sadock, Romance Languages and Literatures

Giving a Second Life to Au-Dela Du Regard: Recontres Multiethniques


Joseph Nugent, English

Expansion of Dubliner’s Bookshelf