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Promoting First Generation College Success

Promoting First Generation College Success

Ana Martinez-Aleman

Professor, Chairperson, Ed. Admin/Higher Ed., Lynch School of Education

This project employs online social networking, digital gaming, and second-generation tablet technology to promote critical engagement and academic success among first-generation college students enrolled in the Options Through Education (OTE) Transitional Summer Program, sponsored by the AHANA program at Boston College. The aim of this project is to enhance the ”college staying culture” among first generation college students (FGCS) enrolled in the OTE Program through the use of iPad2 technology, social networking and online gaming.

Our project will leverage those social and academic relationships that are known to improve first generation college students’ academic and social engagement, academic persistence and success in college. We plan to integrate and online social networking tool(Facebook Group), digital gaming (BC 101), and tablet computing technology (iPad2) to build an online culture of college belonging. These technological capabilities will provide the pathways through which we will intentionally design academic and social experiences beginning in OTE’s summer transitional coursework with faculty, and supported by peer-mentoring/advising with OTE Preceptors (undergraduate students) and Counselors (graduate students) throughout the academic year.