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Exploring Use of TAO to Support Teaching, Learning, and Research on Assessment

Michael Russell

Professor, Lynch School of Education

The LSOE’s Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation program prepares pre-service educators, master students, and doctoral students to develop assessment instruments.  To keep pace with the advances in digital assessment, it is essential that our students have access to tools that allow them to develop and administer digital assessments.  In addition, to support research on the extent to which new practices enabled by digitally delivered assessments actually increase test validity, it is essential that advanced doctoral students and faculty have access to a digital assessment delivery system that can be used for research purposes.  Finally, to enable faculty, both within the ERME department and across the University, to keep pace and capitalize on advances in both formative and summative assessment methods, it is essential for faculty to have access to a cutting edge assessment development and delivery system.

The project aims to create an instance of TAO, an open-source assessment development and delivery system, that will be used to:

  1. support instruction in two courses: Assessment and Test Construction and Technology Enhanced Assessment
  2. support assessment in at least two courses: Assessment and Test Construction and Introduction to Statistics
  3. support research on new item types conducted by Russell and his graduate students.

The project requires two main activities:

  1. Creating an instance of TAO that can be used to support instruction and research
  2. Integrating the instance of TAO with Canvas to support assessment in BC courses