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Integrating Electronic Health Records Into The CSON Curriculum

Integrating Electronic Health Records into the CSON Curriculum

Amy Smith

Clinical Assistant Professor, Adult Health, Connell School Of Nursing

The health care environment is rapidly changing due to changes in science and technology. These changes have important implications for what is expected of nurses to deliver safe, quality patient care. In order to meet these expectations of the nursing workforce, nursing education must also be transformed. The integration of electronic medical records into the nursing curriculum is essential as we prepare nursing graduates to meet the needs of the health care system.

This project will provide a proof of concept for the integration of an academic electronic health record into the nursing curriculum. An academic electronic health record will be integrated into a strategically chosen group of courses to pilot the concept across specialties and levels. Courses chosen to participate in this proof of concept include NU121 – Basic Health Assessment (fall and spring semesters), NU 245 - Maternal Child Health (fall and spring semesters) and NU430– Advanced Health Assessment (summer semester). The pilot will include approximately 250 students. These courses will provide the opportunity to assess the use of the electronic health record in both low and high fidelity clinical teaching settings. The ability to increase the complexity of learning experiences will also be observable as we have chosen courses at various stages of the student’s education.