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Digital Innovations in Sound Engineering

John Michalczyk

Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, Film Studies

The Film Studies Program faculty will design a pilot program over two semesters in sound and animation.  For the past several years there has been a consistent interest among film students for more production-related courses to prepare them for graduate studies or a career in the media. In the Film Studies Program there are approximately 50 Film Majors and 50 Film Majors with normally 650+ students enrolled in diverse courses in history, criticism, screenwriting, and production. During our departmental external review 3 years ago, as Chair of Fine Arts and Director of Film Studies, I sent a lengthy questionnaire to alumni film students.  About 40 students involved in some aspect of media (film/television) or graduate studies replied. The common response was that the program was very solid, and in some cases it was equivalent to the first year of graduate studies in film at USC where a good number of our students attend. The questionnaire also inquired about what was lacking in the program in order to be a very solid curriculum.  The response for most students in the production side of film, as opposed to film history/criticism/screenwriting, was that they seriously lacked any experience in two areas—sound engineering/design and animation/special effects. In order to be competitive and “marketable” they mentioned, the alumni felt that they had to have more training in sound and animation.