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Building a Sustainable Culture of Innovation and Practice in the Digital Humanities

Mary Crane

Professor, English Department

This project seeks a sustainable approach to innovation and practice in the way we approach digital humanities research and teaching at Boston College.

As director of the Institute for the Liberal Arts at Boston College, I have brought together a group of faculty and administrators in a Digital Humanities Lab initiative to discuss ways in which we might better support complex collaborative, interdisciplinary, multimedia research projects at Boston College. The old model of a solitary scholar producing printed publications is becoming outmoded and BC faculty are behind the curve in developing  newer modes of research, to the detriment of our students (and ultimately our standing as a research university).  

Including representatives from the libraries, McMullen Museum, IDeS, ILA, and faculty from several departments, we have begun to identify ways in which we can collaborate to support this kind of research on campus. We have identified as a crucial need lab space for collaborative research, both actual space containing hardware, and also a shared digital space and training in how to use these tools.