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Consumer Insights Panel

Henrik Hagtvedt

Assistant Professor, Carroll School of Management

The Marketing Department is currently working on establishing a Consumer Insights Panel (CIP) at the Carroll School of Management. The CIP is an exciting new initiative that will be an extremely valuable asset to scholars in the Carroll School who conduct behavioral research that relies on human participants. The initiative entails voluntary research participation among students (and staff who may be interested) that sign up in advance. Most of the studies will be conducted using twenty laptop computers that the Marketing Department has obtained for this purpose.

The CIP will have multiple benefits for researchers, student participants, and BC as a whole. Specifically, it will enable researchers to pursue research topics and questions that would otherwise be difficult to study (those requiring precise measurements in a controlled environment, those involving group interactions, those requiring context-sensitive experimental techniques such as observation, etc.). The CIP will provide a platform for researchers to collect data in pursuit of these questions in a well-controlled, organized, and efficient manner. It will also provide students with opportunities for hands-on participation in marketing research, thus giving them valuable experience that they would otherwise have trouble finding. Specifically, regularly participating in research studies will enhance student participants’ understanding of the research process, it will expose them to cutting edge research topics and techniques, and it will enrich communication with faculty. It is important to note that all research participation in the CIP will be voluntary, but we believe the students will be enthusiastic about benefitting from this experience, while being paid for their time as an added bonus. Finally, the CIP will benefit BC as a whole by boosting the research productivity of faculty, increasing visibility in the broader research community, expanding the scope of research available on campus, facilitating advance planning and collaboration among scholars in different departments (and eventually, schools) within BC, and facilitating the hiring and retention of new researchers who join (and consider joining) BC.