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New York Networking Night Highlights

boston college arts council

February 11, 2007
Foley Gallery, New York City

UCB Theater 
Upright Citizens Brigade Theater                         

Megan Carroll '89 checks in at the front of the gallery warehouse building

James Fitzgerald '81                                     

Folley Gallery 2 
Gallery owner Michael Foley '81 talked with many alumni and was pleased to host the event.

group 6 
Jeff Howe and John Guillemin 
Professor Jeff Howe and John Guillemin '89


Lisa Williams 
Lisa Williams '03, Gallery Manager and Cathi Ianno Fournier '89.


Foley Gallery
Foley Gallery

Networking 1

Will Nunziata '06 and Ron Domingo '90

Group 4

Group 5

Malouk and Polansky
Elyse Malouk '06 and Ann Polansky

Michael Wirin
Michael Wirin '89, Co-President of the BC NYC Chapter; Michael Frazier '58, Broadway Producer; Anthony Nunziata '06, Actor.

Amy Poehler
Cathi Ianno Fourner '89; John Feudo '82; Amy Poehler '93 (performing at the UCBT that  evening).