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2010 Alumni Highlights

boston college arts council

In 2010, Fr. Bill Cain received the 8th annual Arts Council Alumni Award for Distinguished Achievement. He made a Boston College appearance at the 12th annual Boston College Arts Festival (April 29-30, May 1). While on campus Fr. Cain participated in a career-related program, Inside the BC Studio, for students exploring a career in playwriting and screenwriting. Pictured here, Cain talks with Rev. Robert VarEecke, S.J. at Inside the BC Studio.

Photo by Lee Pellegrini
Photo by Lee Pellegrini
Photo by Lee Pellegrini

Taste of the Festival

Arts Council Alumni Award recipient Bill Cain '70 chats with Rev. Robert VarEecke, S.J., during the Taste of the Festival.

A Taste of The Festival was a festive occasion to celebrate the arts. Alumni were invited to get a "taste" of the events that happened over the three days of the festival with music, art, dance, and theater events throughout the evening. The event also included the presentation of the Arts Council Alumni Award to award-winning playwright and screenwriter Fr. Bill P. Cain '70. The event included a lovely dinner and a wonderful performance by Dancing with bOp! Several alumni enjoyed dancing the night away to celebrate the recognition of Fr. Bill Cain and the wonderful experiences they add at the 2010 Arts Festival.

Dancing with bOp! entertained the visiting alumni.