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2002 Arts Council Awards Recipients

boston college arts council

Presented on Friday, April 26 at the BC Arts Festival
Presented by J. Robert Barth, S.J., Acting Chair of the Arts Council

Faculty Award: Jeffery Howe, Associate Professor, Fine Arts

Professor Howe, on leave from his position as Chair of the Arts Council during 2001-02, was the unanimous recommendation of the awards committee, and enthusiastically endorsed by the entire Arts Council. He is honored especially for his generous and creative leadership of the Arts Council since its founding in 1998.

Senior Award: Jenna Nobles, Dance

A dedicated dancer and leader in dance programs at Boston College, Jenna is distinguished especially by her work over four years in the Dance Ensemble, of which she was the Student Director during her senior year.

Senior Award: Megan Chuprevich, Theater

A Theater major, Megan distinguished herself by exceptional accomplishments as a stage director; she also served for two years as an officer of the Contemporary Theatre, designed sets for two student productions, and served in many other roles in support of the theater arts program.

Junior Award: Daniel SaƱez, Music

Daniel is celebrated for his musical skill, as accompanist and rehearsal conductor for the University Chorale, as a talented organist, as music director for the successful student production of Purcell's opera Dido and Aeneas, and -- not least -- as the invigorating bagpiper for the past two years at the Boston College Arts Festival.

Sophomore Award: Kia Rozier, Music

Talented musician, performer of both violin and viola, Kia is Principal Chair of the viola section of the Boston College Symphony Orchestra and a memeber of the Chamber Ensemble -- and called by a faculty member an "indispensable member of musical life on campus."



The Barth Award is given each year at Commencement to one senior from the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences who has made an outstanding contribution to Boston College by participating in the fine or performing arts, such as music, theater, dance, film or other visual media.

2002: Jonathan Kaczorowski, Theatre