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Community Research Program

2016-2017 CRP Flyer

About the Community Research Program

CRP is a two-semester program that offers leadership, research, and public policy training for students interested in working with Latino, Asian American, Native American, and/or African and African Diaspora communities in Massachusetts. In the Fall, students will participate in a seminar to study the process of community-based research and its methodologies, and begin to design a research proposal for an independent study with a faculty advisor for the Spring semester research project. The seminar will also include a Lecture Series where academic researchers and community professionals will discuss their current work and experiences on issues related to the four research-interest communities.


Learning Outcomes

As a result of participating in the Community Research Program students will be able to: 

  • Gain an understanding of the uniqueness of community-based research in comparison to other forms of research
  • Build upon knowledge of the issues affecting communities of color and those organizations
  • Acquire methodological skills
  • Learn the important components in designing a research proposal and conducting a study
  • Be critical consumers and producers of knowledge
  • Gain a deeper understanding of ethical and methodological issues related to community-based research
  • Develop presentation skills


To Apply

Interested applicants should submit the following materials: 

  • A completed application - apply here 

  • A current resume

  • A current unofficial transcript


Program Highlights

  • Latino, Asian American, Native American, African & African Diaspora tracks
  • Year-long research seminar, including research methods
  • Opportunity to conduct independent research under faculty guidance
  • Small classroom environment, personal support & guidance
  • Opportunity to present in public forums
  • 7 academic credits (may fulfill requirements for the Asian American studies concentration,  African and African Diaspora studies program or Sociology)
  • Designed for cultural diversity credit

Program Components

Students are required to complete all aspects of the program to receive a Certificate of Completion and course credit, which include:

  • Community Research Seminar

This year-long seminar takes place in two stages: In the first semester, students will study quantitative and qualitative research methods and develop a proposal for a research project on issues affecting the Latino, Asian American, Native American, and African/African Diaspora communities in Massachusetts. Students will 1) select a topic of interest, 2) conduct a literature review, and 3) identify the purpose and research method for a research project. The seminar will also include a Lecture Series where researchers, professors, and community leaders will talk about their current work and experiences on issues related to the four research-interest communities. Students will receive 3 credits upon completion of this part of the seminar.

During the second semester, under the guidance of a faculty supervisor of each student’s choice, students will conduct their research projects on an issue affecting the Latino, Asian American, and African/African Diaspora and Native American communities. Students will also attend a once per week 75 minute methodological seminar. Students will receive a total of 4 credits for Spring semester upon completion of their research project.

Eligibility Requirements

The program welcomes applications from students who meet the following criteria:

  • Current undergraduate sophomores, juniors, and seniors 
  • A minimum 3.0 grade point average
  • Interests in leadership development, community involvement and scholarship

Interested in what our CRP students have researched?

Are you a faculty member interested in becoming involved with CRP?  


If you have any questions about the Community Research Program please contact Andy Petigny at