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Jeffrey SooHoo ’04

b.a., biology; m.d., loyola university chicago, 2009
resident, ophthalmology, university of colorado hospital


The centerpiece of undergraduate learning at Boston College is the common curriculum, a core of studies that introduces each student to the defining works of the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. While broadening the horizons of students, the University’s core curriculum also encourages a way of thinking that coordinates what a student learns, say, about French literature, with human biology, and relates all of the learning to their personal lives.

Jeffrey SooHoo says that because of this core approach, “The things I learned were continually evaluated in the context of larger issues.” He is now Dr. SooHoo, having graduated from medical school last spring—and for him, the larger context of medicine is always the human being who is served by a practitioner of that high calling.

Among other experiences at Boston College that influenced his chosen path, SooHoo cites his involvement in the Intersections Project, a wide mix of programs and activities (ranging from spiritual retreats to whitewater rafting) that help students connect their talents, their dreams, and the world’s deep needs.

“For me, the intersection was medicine,” says SooHoo, who was able to discern that this field would allow him to use his skills in science and analytical problem-solving in conjunction with his desire to interact with people in ways that have a profoundly positive impact on their lives.

He also points to the plethora of service opportunities at Boston College, including his participation in the student-led Appalachian Volunteers program, which helped prepare him to work with people in various circumstances. And, he says the lively athletic and social scenes at Boston College further “taught me how to have a balanced life,” which enabled him to get through medical school with his spirit intact.

SooHoo, who is currently a resident in ophthamology at the University of Colorado Hospital, adds, “The ideals of Boston College have helped me to understand my  career in medicine as a true vocation, more than just a job to pay the bills.”