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Distinctive Academic Opportunities

Boston College offers its undergraduate students a range of academic opportunities beyond the traditional course of study, including:

  • Minors in a second subject
  • 22 Interdisciplinary Programs, such as African and Diaspora Studies, Asian Studies, and Latin American Studies
  • Undergraduate research experience with distinguished faculty
  • Research Fellows Grants Program
  • Advanced Study Grants Summer Program
  • Honors Programs featuring small classes, mentoring, and the opportunity to complete an honors thesis or independent project
  • Study Abroad: Nearly 40 percent of BC students chose to study in one of 77 programs in 28 countries

Preprofessional Programs

Preprofessional advisement programs support students interested in careers in medicine, law, dentistry, and related fields.

  • Medical school: 83 percent of BC applicants with at least a 3.4 science GPA and at least a 9.0 on the MCAT were admitted to medical school in 2009.
  • Law school: 90 percent of BC senior-year law school applicants were accepted to law school in 2009.

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