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 director’s welcome

Welcome to Boston College! As the director of AHANA Student Programs, I invite you to learn more about our University as you find your path to the college that best fits you.

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AHANA (a-Ha-na)  “AHANA is a term that refers to persons of African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American descent,” which “was coined at Boston College in 1979 by two students, Alfred Feliciano and Valerie Lewis, who objected to the name ‘Office of Minority Programs.’” "They cited the definition of the word minority as ‘less than’ and proposed, instead, to use the term AHANA which they felt celebrated social cultural differences.” In turn, “the Office of Minority Student Programs became the Office of AHANA Student Programs. Boston College, which has registered the term AHANA as a trademark, has granted official permission for its use to over 50 institutions and organizations in the United States.”— From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia