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The Academic Advising Center

Sophomore Year Advising Guide

Sophomore year is a particularly important time in your academic program at Boston College. Make the most of your advising experience by preparing yourself to discuss the following subjects when you meet with your advisor. For more information, contact the Academic Advising Center.

Your Future

Try to identify specific, measurable, realistic, and time-bound goals for your education and your career. Articulate your interests, and think about where you’d like to go in the next three years and beyond.

The Core

As you progress through the Core Curriculum, think about the classes and disciplines that have most engaged you, and take these into account when choosing a major.

Ask yourself:

  • Which Core requirements do I have left to fulfill?
  • How should I fulfill those requirements?

Your Major

As a sophomore, you’ll need to declare your major if you haven’t already, so now is the time to identify the field of study that you are genuinely excited about. Some questions to ask your advisor:

  • How do I declare a major or minor?
  • What are the requirements for my major(s) and minor(s)?
  • How should I fulfill those requirements?
  • Who should I contact if I have further questions about my major?

Studying Abroad

An international experience can be life changing. If you’re interested in studying abroad, sophomore year is the time to Investigate BC’s many study-abroad options. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What destinations are available?
  • Do I want to study abroad for a full year, a semester, or the summer?
  • Does an international experience fit into my academic plan?
  • Will I be able to fulfill my major and Core requirements if I study abroad?
  • Will I have the necessary GPA?
  • How do I make an appointment to see a study abroad advisor?

Advanced Study Grants

Advanced Study Grants provide funding for you to pursue your interests and goals by designing and completing an independent project. Some questions to ask your advisor:

  • What are advanced study grants?
  • What different kinds of advanced study grants are available?
  • How do I apply for one?


It’s never too early to explore the Career Center. Be sure to ask your advisor about internships related to your field of study, and explore semester internships through your academic department.