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The Academic Advising Center

Junior Year Advising Guide

As a junior at Boston College, you’re probably well on your way to completing your Core and major requirements. Many juniors study abroad, participate in internships or research opportunities, or prepare to write their thesis. Here are some important topics to discuss with your advisor. For more information, contact the Academic Advising Center.

Your Future

Now that you’re an upperclassman, it’s time to start thinking more seriously about your future. Do you plan to pursue another degree after graduation, or enter the work force directly after graduation?

Studying Abroad

If you’re studying abroad, work out as many course-related details as you can before you go. When you return, reflect on your experiences and what you learned from them. Some questions for your advisor:

  • What courses should I take while I’m abroad?
  • How do I get these courses approved?
  • How do I contact my advisor while I’m out of the country?

The Core

By the end of junior year, you should have completed most of your Core requirements. If you haven’t, make a plan to fulfill them in time for graduation. If you’re studying abroad, you may be able to fulfill some requirements at your international destination.

Your Major

  • Your major requirements should be well in hand by the end of junior year. Ask yourself:
  • Do I have any requirements left to fulfill? If so, how will I finish them in time for graduation?
  • If I’m going abroad, can I fulfill any requirements abroad?


Junior year is a great time to take on an internship. Boston College offers a wealth of resources to help you find the internship of your dreams: Attend a Career Fair, speak to a Career Center advisor, and find out if your major department supports any semester-long internships.


If you’re interested in writing a thesis, investigate topics and options with your advisor and your department. Be sure to consider how a thesis would fit into the classes you still need to take.


Independent research is a great way to be involved in your chosen field of study. Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are readings and research courses available?
  • Can I do research in a lab for course credit?