O'Neill Gets Greener
Takes Steps Towards Sustainability

By Katherine Cava

O’Neill Library recently got a facelift that made it a little more environmentally friendly. All of the light fixtures in the library were retrofitted and replaced with new energy efficient fluorescent bulbs.

Light Bulb

What’s the big deal? Savings of 343,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year due to the longer lifetime and lower electricity usage is the big deal.

This amount of energy savings is equivalent to the annual green house gas emissions from 48.8 cars, the annual electricity used by 35.5 homes, or the amount of carbon that is absorbed by 60.6 acres of pine forest.

So next time that you walk into O’Neill and notice that the new lighting is a lot brighter also remember that it has helped to decrease BC’s carbon emissions by 267 metric tons of CO2 and to lower your exposure to pollutants such as Nitrogen Oxide and Sulfur Dioxide.

Katherine Cava, Student in A&S, '08; Campus Sustainability Intern, Boston College