Where The Wild Things Are

By Margaret Cohen

Interested in taking a sound recording of your favorite children’s book or young adult novel on a road trip? How about a hand puppet to accompany a book you’re reading to a child? Interested in playing a favorite educational computer game? How about some arts and crafts resources to decorate your living space or market your student event? Curious about where you would find these unique and different library materials?

The Educational Resource Center (ERC) located in Campion Hall, has a collection many may be surprised to learn about. Not only can you find a rich collection of quality children’s literature and curriculum materials but the ERC is also home to some very distinctive items for borrowing. You can find a model of the human skeleton (perfect for testing your human anatomy knowledge), scissors and hand punches in fun shapes, educational games like dominoes, sound recordings of children’s books or young adult novels, and so much more. Use the Quest Library Catalog to find materials held in the Educational Resource Center. By using the Advanced Search tab and specifying "Educational Resource Center" in the Location box you will retrieve only items held by the ERC.

Students may also laminate projects, purchase construction paper, and borrow die cuts to make an assortment of numbers, letters and shapes- a crafty way to promote your next event or decorate a bulletin board. The collection is available to all students for teaching, research, listening or perhaps just pure pleasure.

Margaret Cohen, Head Librarian, Educational Resource Center                                     Photos by Kevin Tringale