Launching Dataverse

On April 19th, the Boston College Libraries will launch a new Boston College Dataverse to provide easy access to the scholarly data produced by members of the Boston College community.

Screenshot of Dataverse service

Boston College Dataverse is a multi-disciplinary data repository which makes it easy to upload your research data to improve impact, visibility and access. Deposited data will automatically generate citation information and a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) that can be used to cite your data and link to related publications and presentations or to share with colleagues who request your data. BC Dataverse complements eScholarship@BC, our institutional repository, by providing a seamless link from your publications to the accompanying research data and from your data to your publications. First unveiled during Research Day's Big Data program on March 16th, BC Dataverse can fulfill funding agencies' Data Management Plan requirements or journal recommendations /requirements for making data supporting a publication available for replication of analysis.


Dataverse is a platform designed specifically for data management, with features including version control and data analysis. It is hosted and supported by Harvard University in collaboration with Harvard University IT and the Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS). The Dataverse platform hosts data archives from around the world and has been used by journals such as Review of Economics and Statistics since 2010. A benefit of this platform is that researchers can deposit varied formats from across disciplines including GIS shapefiles". There is a 2GB per file limit, but there can be accommodations for depositors with larger files. Dataverse automatically converts tabular data, such as spreadsheets, to the .tab format, an open, nonproprietary format. An "Explore" button then allows visualization of the data online.

The system also conforms to the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH), meaning that descriptive information about materials published in the repository are accessible to major search engines such as Google and Yahoo, ensuring maximum exposure.


While Dataverse has an extensive online help section, we have created a customised Quick Guide to guide you through the data deposit process. A metadata template helps select language for better discoverability. You can visit our Dataverse at Boston College Research Guide with help links and additional information. We are also happy to schedule a meeting with you to help with your data deposit.


A few more good reasons to deposit your data in BC Dataverse:

  • Facilitates fulfillment of requests from others to see your data

  • Provides usage counts for access to your data

  • Set access and usage permissions

  • Fits into "responsible conduct of research"

  • Reduce risk of data loss for you and the University

Want to learn more? Contact: dataverse-support@bc.edu

Barbara Mento
Data/GIS Librarian
Scholarly Communications and Research