Professional Activities

Jonas Barciauskas, Head of Collection Development
Jonas is Chair of the Promotions Committee and Web Editor, Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality. He is also blog moderator of the Christian Spirituality Studies blog.

Barbara Adams Hebard, Conservator, John J. Burns Library
Training News -- Harvard University Photograph Preservation Presentation (March 5, 2015):

Barbara attended a set of presentations on various aspects of photograph preservation given by Harvard Preservation staff members Melissa Banta, Brenda Bernier, Elena Bulat, Robert Burton, and Franziska Frey. These conservators presented papers at recent conferences, including the Photographic Materials Group of the American Institute for Conservation and "Current Research in Photography" at the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia. Franziska gave an overview of preservation at Harvard, Robert spoke about the importance of cataloging in preventive conservation, Melissa spoke on the salted paper print survey at Harvard, Elena shared her new research about coatings on salted paper prints, and Brenda presented on the preservation challenges of historic scientific photographs. In addition to learning from the presentations, Barbara had the opportunity to mingle with conservation colleagues from Harvard as well as members of the New England Conservation Association. A number of Barbara's fellow North Bennet Street School bookbinding program alumni were there as well.

Exhibit news:

The New England Chapter of Book Workers exhibit, Geographies: New England Book Work, is now at Dartmouth College through August 2015. Barbara's binding of It Will Take a Lifetime by Reverend Francis Sweeney, S.J. is one of the books on display at the Baker-Berry Library.

North Bennet Street School Juried Student and Alumni exhibitis showing May 2015 in the Windgate Gallery at 150 North Street, Boston. Barbara's girdle-style bookbinding of the New Testament and Psalms printed by Ignatius Press is one of the books selected for exhibition.

Christian Dupont, Burns Librarian & Associate University Librarian, Burns Library
In April Christian led a reading of Dante's Eclogues for Dr. Laurie Shepard's "Dante Beyond the Comedy" series. On 21 March Christian gave a panel presentation on public services assessment at the New England Archivists & Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference in Boston.

Cindy Jones, Course Reserves Manager
During the spring semester Cindy taught College Writing ADEN105 in the Woods College of Advancing Studies.

Enid Karr, Senior Research Librarian/Bibliographer for Biology and Earth & Environmental Sciences
Enid attended apresentation and tour of the U.S.EPALibraryin Boston onThursday, April 23, 2015 sponsored by the BLC Government Documents Community.

Together with Sally Wyman and Barbara Mento, Enid presented a plenary session on "Data Management …a 'nuts-and-bolts' part of Responsible Conduct of Research" at the Boston College Research and Scholarship Integrity Programseminar for NIH- and NSF-funded students on Saturday, March 21.

Anna E. Kijas, Senior Digital Scholarship Librarian
National Presentation

  • Workshop/presentation: "Introduction to Omeka. "THATCamp Music Library Association. University of Denver, Colorado, March 1, 2015.

National/International Service:

Annalisa Moretti, Archives Processing Assistant, Burns Library
At the New England Archivists & Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Spring 2015 joint meeting Annalisa presented in the lightning round session "Revolt Against Complacency: Combating Hurdles in Professionalism" on supplementing professional development by using educational and skill-building mobile apps like Duolingo, Code Academy, and Coursera.

Adrienne Pruitt, Processing Archivist, Burns Library
During the New England Archivists & Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Spring 2015 meeting, Adrienne presented on the panel "Using RDA for Archives and Manuscripts." Her presentation, Your Recommended Daily Allowance of RDA, examines the compatibility of the cataloging standards RDA and DACS, discusses Boston College's implementation of RDA for archives, and urges archivists to engage with this new standard. Adrienne's presentation is available online.

Kathy Williams, Senior Reference Librarian/Bibliographer, Burns Library
Kathy Williams attended the annual meeting of the American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS) in March. Kathy helped to plan and participated in the panel entitled: Working Session on Irish Studies Archives and Libraries Resources Advancement. At the session members of this panel outlined the history of the idea of a collaboration among institutions with Irish Studies resources and listed some goals for such collaboration, such as,

  • Assembling a list of vested individuals
  • Identifying a few key resource areas that are highest priorities for digitizing/developing
  • Looking for ways on an institutional level that collaboration might take place
  • Considering how to make mobilization long-term

Session attendees weighed in with suggestions. Representatives from Canada and Scotland made it clear that they, as well as Australian and British Irish Studies groups, should be involved in such collaboration.

Members of the executive branch of ACIS represented on the panel agreed that a 'working committee' be formed, with a special representative to the executive to be appointed to serve until the next official election. A section of the ACIS website will be created. This will serve as a portal featuring the work of the committee as it evolves. Kathy will serve as a member of the working committee.