Statista - A New Statistics Database

The Library is now providing access to the statistical database Statista, a comprehensive source of data and statistics that provides results in the form of bar charts and tables. Statista is provided through a partnership between a German statistics company and Harrasowitz, the international bookseller and subscription agent.

Many different subject areas are covered including: economics, industries, consumers and countries. The data is gathered from a wide variety of government and commercial sources and can be exported to Excel or input directly into PowerPoint. Statista also includes market research reports on selected topics. To access these limit your search by clicking on Studies and Reports. Alternatively you can browse all of the reports by clicking on the blue publications tab.

Below is a list of a few market research reports that can be found in the database. It shows the broad range of subjects covered on over 60,000 topics:

The library has many other statistical databases as listed in the Business Statistics Research Guide and the Data/Statistics/GIS Portal. If you have any questions about Statista contact Claire O'Leary, Senior Business & Management Librarian: claire.oleary@bc.edu