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Library Musings: Tom Wall, University Librarian

The BC Libraries’ new motto: Value Beyond Discovery.

This summer the libraries will be launching an upgraded version of Holmes, our online discovery tool. The new version of Holmes offers an extremely fast, cross-disciplinary searching that includes hundreds of millions of local and global resources, such as print books, e-books, journal articles, and digital collections. As always, our librarians are eager to provide any assistance needed in the new system including classroom presentations and one-on-one consultations.

O’Neill Level One has become a popular destination for our library users. This summer we will be adding 62 new seats, and a multi-use group study area by removing the blue compact-shelving units. The new arrangement allows for more natural light to enter the space, thus creating new opportunities for individual study and collaborative activity. Expect our new-look space to become available in late August.

Speaking of popular destinations, the O’Neill Library has experienced a 38% increase in our gate counts over the past three years. Not only are more students using our spaces, but they are also staying longer and engaging in the wide variety of opportunities afforded in our increasingly modern library. BC Libraries are no longer simply repositories for books. We are collectively committed to being essential to the academic life for the entire BC Community.

The Libraries will be active participants in the Boston College Sesquicentennial Celebration. We will have several exhibits and online displays; and we have already digitized a number of important historical and contemporary publications including Sub Turri, the Heights as well as photos from the BC Archives. For many more of Boston College’s digitized publications see Sesquicentennial Digital Library. For more information see Boston College Sesquicentennial.

As usual, your collective input will always be recognized, valued and utilized to help us better serve you. So, from all of us in the BC Libraries, we wish you a healthy and restful summer. For those of you moving on, good luck; and for those returning, we look forward to another productive year.

Tom Wall
University Librarian