Boston College Libraries Faculty Newsletter



Professional Activities

Jonas Barciauskas, Head of Collection Development
Jonas is Chair of the Promotions Committee and Web Editor for the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality.

Christine Conroy, Associate University Librarian for Collections; Sally Wyman, Collection Development Librarian/Sciences
Christine Conroy, Associate University Librarian for Collections, Vice Provost Larry McLaughlin, and Sally Wyman, Collection Development Librarian/Sciences, represented Boston College at the Association of Research Libraries/Digital Library Federation E-Science Institute in Dallas, TX (Jan. 25–27, 2012). This capstone event brought together administrator/faculty/librarian teams from some 30 major research institutions to formulate "e-science” strategic agendas for their campuses. E-Science encompasses all areas of research support for the digital aspects of research (not limited to the sciences), with data management as a particular focus. The Dallas capstone team was well-equipped for its work by the six-month, assignment-based preparation process completed by Wanda Anderson, Nursing Librarian; Jonas Barciauskas, Head of Collections; Enid Karr, Bibliographer for Biology and Earth & Environmental Sciences; Barbara Mento, Data/GIS Librarian, Bibliographer for Computer Science, Economics and Math; Amanda Tarbet, former Science Librarian Intern, and Sally Wyman. To learn more about e-science (and data management, in particular), sign up for "Data Management Plans and You: It’s not just the NSF, NIH, Science, Nature, American Economic Review" at this year's E-Teaching Day, May 16, 2012.

Barbara Adams Hebard, Conservator, John J. Burns Library
Barbara wrote an article called "Precious Poems in Precious Packaging: Traffic Street Press Irish Poetry Series” for the Guild of Book Workers Newsletter, No. 201, April 2012. The Guild was founded in 1906 to "establish and maintain a feeling of kinship and mutual interest among workers in the several hand book crafts”. Early members included well-known craft workers such as bookbinder Edith Diehl, printer W.A. Dwiggins, and typographer Fredric W. Goudy. In addition to providing members with workshops, training, and exhibit opportunities, the Guild regularly publishes a newsletter.

Barbara was chosen to serve a third term as Overseer of the North Bennet Street School. The school offers intensive, hands-on training in traditional trades and fine craftsmanship, helping students to achieve meaningful lives and livelihoods. For more than a century, the exceptional programs, master faculty and inspiring community have encouraged individual growth, curiosity, technical mastery and commitment to excellence. The school's reputation for excellence and value attracts students from around the world. It was founded in 1885 by Pauline Agassiz Shaw.

Erika Johnson, Electronic Resources & Technical Services Librarian; Young Moon, Head of Continuing and Electronic Resources
Erika and Young presented a session at the Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference on April 4, 2012, entitled, "Inventing the Future with Ex Libris Alma: A Tale of Boston College Libraries.” Through the session they shared Boston College's experiences working with Ex Libris as a development partner for their unified resource management system, Alma. They also described how Alma would change the way academic libraries manage electronic resources and serials.

Ken Liss, Coordinator of Digital User Services
Ken joined librarians from other local universities and colleges in a presentation for high school teachers at Brookline High School on March 6th. The program was designed to help teachers prepare their students for the research and writing expectations they will face as first year college students.

Claire O'Leary, Senior Reference Librarian & Bibliographer for Business & Management
In April Claire attended the Academic Business Library Directors' (ABLD) annual conference held at the Stanford University Business Library. Members of this group are from the top 50 business school libraries in the country. The general theme of the conference was: Business Library ROI: Measuring Usage and Identifying Value. General topics included: data curation, e-books, assessment, library staffing, and outreach.

Kwasi Sarkodie-Mensah, Manager, Instructional Services, O’Neill Library
On 23 March, 2012 Kwasi had a captive audience when he spoke at the Presidential Scholars series on What's Your Story. On 11 February Kwasi dialogued with BC students on the topic of Committing to Social Justice at the UGBC 2nd Annual Student Leadership Symposium.

Brendan Rapple, Collection Development Librarian
Brendan and Dr. Phil Altbach (Lynch School of Education) co-authored the article "Anarchy and Commercialism” in Inside Higher Education (8 March, 2012).