Boston College Libraries Faculty Newsletter



Got Data? Data/GIS Services for Faculty and Students

Gathering, accessing and analyzing data is an integral part of the teaching and research process across disciplines and at all academic levels. The libraries provide a suite of data and geographic information (GIS) support services for both faculty and students. The Boston College Libraries Data/GIS & Statistics Collection offers a strong foundation for researchers and instructions to discover relevant numerical databases. The collection has a strong focus on demographic, business and social science data with a growing geospatial data section. Faculty and students can schedule an individual consultation on research and teaching projects involving data or quantitative research. Librarians are also happy to present a customized classroom session on finding relevant data for a class assignment, learning how to search the numeric databases and demonstrations on data visualization using geographic information systems (GIS). As Data/GIS Manager I am interested in recommendations for datasets to add to the library collection. Several workshops are offered each semester on "Locating and Using Data for Secondary Research at Boston College" and "Introduction to ArcGIS". These sessions are co-taught with professionals from ITS, Research Services.

Again, working closely with ITS, Research Services the library has launched a new consulting/training program for creating a Data Management Plan, now required by many government funding agencies. This effort is part of our E-Science/E-Research initiative to create greater support for data management, particularly in the sciences. Schedule a consultation or workshop and take a look at our new research guide: Data Management with hints on organizing, securing and depositing your research data in addition to discussions of Data Management plans.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with your data or GIS research and instructions needs. Just send an email to for access to a full range of data support services.

Barbara Mento
Data/GIS Manager