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FALL 2011

photo of Dr. Tom Wall
Dr. Tom Wall
photo of Dr. David Quigley
Dr. David Quigley
photo of Douglas Ballas
Douglas Ballas
photo of Dr. Kit Baum
Dr. Kit Baum
photo of Dr. John Gallaugher
Dr. John Gallaugher
photo of Dr. Michael James
Dr. Michael James
photo of Dr. Ruth Langer
Dr. Ruth Langer
photo of Dr. James W. Morris
Dr. James W. Morris
photo of Dr. Michael Naughton
Dr. Michael Naughton
photo of Dr. Jean-Luc Solère
Dr. Jean-Luc Solère

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  Open Access logo Open Access Week
During Open Access Week the Boston College University Libraries will highlight Open Access publishing opportunities and their benefits for researchers, authors, students and the public.
  silhouette of elephant Boston College Libraries Join HathiTrust
By joining HathiTrust BC Libraries add 2.6 million public domain digital texts to holdings.
  Robert C. Bartlett Business Law and Open Access
"Open Access fosters the efficient diffusion of knowledge and yields extraordinary benefits for the author, our institution, and researchers at other institutions."
  Dr. Ruth Langer Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations: An Open Access Journal
Articles from this open access journal have been downloaded close to 8000 times in the first eight months of 2011.
  Open Access Sloan Center on Aging & Work is Committed to Open Access
The Center has three valuable strategies that promote open access.
  Oxford English Dictionary Lasting Relationships Research Data Archive
Data from an important social science research project digitized and made freely available in eScholarship.
  Electronic Theses and Dissertations at Boston College
"In keeping with BC's commitment to social justice, 'Open Access' means that anyone regardless of their wealth or their privileged status has access."
  Charles Caroll's signature Hybrid Open Access—Mixed Feelings about a Mixed Model
A welcome response to a genuine need in scholarly publication? A case of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em?" Or... just another devious plot on the part of evil publishers?
  Data folder icon Data Management and E-Science/E-Research
Data sets, many of which have been publicly funded, can be useful to others and so should be shared.