Boston College Libraries Faculty Newsletter


FALL 2010

Message from the University Librarian

Welcome back for another year at Boston College. We in the Boston College Libraries are committed to providing you with the highest levels of research support through our many print and online scholarly resources and expert subject librarians eager to assist you. Our services have always been strong in-person traditional reference and consultations, and this year we are adding quality mobile library services to the palette. We continue to work strategically in the development of quality discovery tools and the delivery of a new library web site.



We are experimenting with a self-check circulation station in O'Neill Library and expanding access to text reference and virtual chat for the Boston College community. In response to the growing demand for support with multimedia content, two high-end Mac video editing machines are now available in the O'Neill reference area.


Our instruction services remain a vital part of our work. We can come to classes, populate course pages with relevant links and reserve materials, and work directly with students in course research and assignment support. Additionally, we have tremendous special collections in the Burns Library with unique resources and a talented staff ready to help both faculty and students in the access and use of these materials.



Our library facilities are undergoing changes (and we welcome your suggestions!). Along with the technologically-equipped group study rooms and Level 1 booth-like study areas, we have implemented a technology help center in the O'Neill Library. Also on Level 1 is a circulation point (right next to the new popular reading collection).  The O'Neill hours have been extended to 3am and Gargan Hall in the Bapst Library, recently voted the most beautiful library in the United States by Campus Grotto, remains open 24/5.


The vestibule in O'Neill has been upgraded with seating, shelves for university publications, a public bulletin board, and a digital screen for campus and library announcements. Feel free to let us know if you want to publicize an event via these screens. We hope all of these changes and enhancements will increase your engagement with us and your presence in the library.


As a final note, the reserves room in O'Neill will be the gathering point for multiple academic presentations. This is in support of space needs during the Gasson renovations, but it fits perfectly with my vision of library as a place --  a place that also includes faculty-student engagement and discussion. In a similar vein, Gargan Hall in Bapst will welcome many musical events in the upcoming academic year.



As you know, the Library, along with the rest of the University, is challenged in facing staffing needs, vacancies, and opportunities. Some staff have departed and others are on leave, but we are fortunate that we have been able to do some recruitment. For others, we are lucky to have staff in the Library willing to take on additional responsibilities and face new challenges. We are currently interviewing for a Scholarly Communications Librarian, a key strategic position in the Library, and one which we hope will lead to new and different types of engagement with you. In addition, we continue our search for an Associate University Librarian for Public Services, another vital strategic position in the administration.


As I mentioned, several staff are stepping up and taking on new responsibilities. A key one is the Media Librarian, as Julie DeCesare accepted a position at Providence College.  Kelly Webster (x2.1064) is currently the point person for media video collection development. For those of you who generally submit collection recommendations to other media staff, there is no need to stop that practice. For those who want more discussion about the direction of media collections or have feedback about the collection, please contact Kelly. We want your input and Kelly is charged to enhance the patron initiated collections process. 


Others include Sarah Hogan, who continues to cover Sociology; Ken Liss is supporting the History department, Nina Bogdanovsky Political Science, and Adeane Bregman Film Studies. Please feel free to contact any of these librarians for your collection and service needs.


Moving On

Our strategic planning continues and includes several space, resource, and service initiatives. Over the coming year, we in the Library look forward to continued engagement with you on these important issues. I continue to meet with a variety of user groups, including undergraduate, graduate, and the Faculty Advisory Committee. I welcome any feedback that you have on the library, directly, through your liaison, or via these advisory groups.


Tom WallAs always, feel free to contact me with any suggestions or concerns about the Libraries.


Thomas B. Wall, Ph.D.

University Librarian