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FALL 2009



Faculty on OA

James Gips

James GipsThe views of James Gips, Carroll School of Management, on open access to scholarly works.


Clare O'Connor

James GipsEffectiveness of OA in disseminating Clare O’Connor’s (Biology) work to a wide audience.

Margo Reder

James GipsThe Business Law Department, Carroll School of Management lauds BC Libraries' eScholarship@BC.




University Librarian update

Tom WallTom Wall on digitization initiatives in Burns Library.





Faculty Publication Highlights
Interviews with authors of newly published works.

Faculty Research Support
Resources and procedures to support the research process.

Staff Activities
Conferences, new staff, accomplishments.

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open access special issue

October 19-23 marks international Open Access (OA) Week. OA encourages the unrestricted sharing of research results with everyone, everywhere, for the advancement and enjoyment of knowledge and society. This issue of the Library Newsletter celebrates OA, focusing in particular on OA activities at Boston College.




Alec Peck An OA Journal Supported by BC Libraries

Alec Peck, Lynch School, writes about the OA journal Teaching Exceptional Children Plus (TECPlus) of which he’s editor.




Kit Baum RePEc: Research Papers in Economics

Kit Baum, Economics Dept., discusses RePEc, the largest database of bibliographic information related to economics and related disciplines.




Copyright and Open Access

Managing one's copyright appropriately is key to providing open access to scholarly works.




The Capitol Federal Research Public Access Act

If the FRPAA bill passes, it will be a major advance for the cause of open access.




Open Access to Government Documents

Sarah Hogan discusses the great variety of government information that is freely available.




OA to Theses & Dissertations

What issues should graduate students ponder before deciding about OA to their thesis/dissertation?




The OPEN Comprehensive Digital Library

In an age in which we rely on the Internet to meet our information needs, it seems possible to recapture the Alexandrian ideal. 

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