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BC’s Jesuit History Collection on the Web

O'Neill Library has joined other Boston Library Consortium (BLC) libraries and the Open Content Alliance in a project to digitize library collections and make them available for free on the Web.  The most important selection criterion is that the book must have been published before 1923.  BLC libraries are identifying what books they want to digitize and then send them to the Boston Public Library to be scanned by one of the ten Scribe scanners dedicated to this project.  Some examples of subjects being selected by the BLC libraries are the Dreyfus Affair (Brandeis University), African materials (Boston University), family histories and genealogy (Boston Public Library), Massachusetts state documents (University of Massachusetts/Amherst), and New Hampshire town histories (University of New Hampshire). 

Boston College has decided to digitize books about the history of the Jesuit order that are available in O’Neill Library.  Thus far, 120 volumes of the Jesuit history collection have been made available on the Web.  They can be located by using Quest, see example video at left.


During this summer and early fall, there will be a mixed-media exhibit in the O’Neill Library which will provide greater detail about the BLC OCA project and BC’s part in it.  It will be accompanied by an online version of the exhibit with additional information.  Stay tuned!


Jonas Barciauskas

Jonas Barciauskas

Head, Collection Development


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