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Teaching Toward a Culture of Academic Integrity

May 17th Symposium

With the Boston College Academic Integrity Tutorial almost completed, members of the task force working on the tutorial have planned a symposium dedicated to this important topic. Throughout the planning, development and evaluative phases of the tutorial, task force members listened to comments and feedback from faculty. The input was invaluable not only in regards to developing the tutorial but also in making the task force aware of the wider faculty interest in this issue.


On May 17th faculty will have the opportunity to attend sessions on the many diverse issues that surround academic integrity. There will be concurrent sessions on: 

  • Creating a culture of integrity: "How can we help students see that integrity at school is part of integrity in life? This session will offer discussion of ways that faculty can approach this important aspect of student formation."
  • Guiding student research:  In the age of Google, Wikipedia, and digital libraries, information – bad and good – is easily accessible to students.  But do they know what to use when? Learn how faculty and librarians can teach students about sources good, bad, and in-between – and how to make the most of what’s at their fingertips.
  • What international students need to know: Academic Integrity is a very serious issue at an institution of higher learning in the United States. However, students from other countries, either as a result of ignorance, or through past practices that may be acceptable in their home countries, may have very different perceptions of what constitutes plagiarism, cheating, etc. What are research and writing practices in students' native countries? What is our role in assisting them to understand these concepts in the US? This program will look at the issue of academic integrity from a cross-cultural perspective to help us learn what international students need to know in order to succeed at Boston College.
  • Policy, Process and Pedagogy @ BC discusses the university policy on Academic Integrity and what to do if you suspect a violation, as well as what the experience can teach you and your students. 


In addition, nationally known lunchtime speaker, Gary Pavela, from the University of Maryland will address "Academic Integrity as a Bridge to Student Ethical Development" and share "10 Principles for Faculty in Promoting Academic Integrity."  Finally, there will be a demonstration of BC's newly developed online academic integrity tutorial. 

Detailed information on the day and registration are located at:


Margaret CohenMargaret Cohen
Head Librarian, Educational Resource Center





Task force members include: Margaret Cohen, Head Librarian, Educational Resource Center (ERC), Co-Chair; Ourida Mostefai, Associate Professor, Romance Languages & Literatures, Co-Chair; Sue Barrett, Director, Connors Family Learning Center; Clare Dunsford, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences; Robert Stanton, Associate Professor, English Department; Ed Tallent, Head of Reference, O’Neill Library.

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