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Chicago Manual of Style
"The Chicago Manual of Style Online incorporates the popular Chicago Style Q&A, a resource that thousands have found as entertaining as it is informative. The Q&A content is fully searchable along with the content of The Chicago Manual of Style. Your queries will return results—clearly distinguishable—from both the Manual and the Chicago Style Q&A."


The Chronicle of Higher Education

Features the complete contents of the latest issue; daily news and advice columns; job listings; articles published since Sept. 1989; discussion forums; and career-building tools such as online CV's, salary databases, and more.



Faculty Research Support -
Resources and procedures to support the research process.

Faculty Publication Highlights Interviews of Boston College faculty with recent publications.

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A Culture of Academic Honesty

Academic Integrity SymposiumWith the Boston College Academic Integrity Tutorial almost completed, members of the task force working on the tutorial have planned a May 17 symposium dedicated to this important topic.




Maxim ShrayerFaculty Publication Highlight

Maxim D. Shrayer, Department of Slavic and Eastern Languages, discusses his latest work, An Anthology of Jewish-Russian Literature.




Books and MouseThe Library and the Internet

The enormous amount of high quality information and data freely available on the internet is increasingly essential for many researchers.




Film StripNavigating Multimedia II

Faculty use media, both in and out of the classroom, in a variety of ways. Multimedia images can complement the subject matter or be the subject matter.




MicrofilmMicrofilm Collections in O'Neill

Though most users understandably prefer consulting primary sources on the web than in micro, the latter format is the only way to get local access to many of these critical research resources.

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