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The Boston College Libraries have gone from strength to strength over the past decade with their collections, print, electronic, and other, having expanded dramatically. The Libraries are committed to continue building and making accessible strong collections in both traditional and digital formats in support of research and the curriculum. Nevertheless, the Libraries are challenged by the escalating quantity and costs of research publications that are rendering it increasingly difficult to purchase all the materials that will meet the scholarly needs of current and future faculty and students. On the other hand, while research libraries face complex and multi-faceted challenges, great innovative opportunities abound with respect to the dissemination of scholarship and research results. Growing numbers in the Academy are becoming aware that solutions to the problems facing libraries and to the various barriers restricting access to and dissemination of scholarship must center on the Academy reclaiming much of the power and control presently wielded by publishers or at least establish mechanisms, mainly electronic, for alternative diffusion of scholarship.


MarbleAs a vehicle to discuss, publicize, and to garner feedback on some of these issues Boston College Libraries have recently established a blog, Scholarly Communication News@BC. This provides frequent information updates for the Boston College community about developing scholarly communication issues, policy debates, legislation and innovative examples of dissemination/discourse practices. Numerous other topics are candidates for discussion, for example Open Access; institutional and disciplinary repositories; authors' rights and copyright; digital scholarship and its relation to promotion and tenure; publisher mergers and acquisitions; author pays publication options; Google Book Project; the Bergstrom Eigenfactor; journal bundling/aggregating/big deal subscriptions; Web 2.0; Federal Research Public Access Act; the effect of open access and downloads on citation impact; the Alliance for Taxpayer Access; Directory of Open Access Journals. Many other subjects can be covered too.


The blog is fashioned with “permanent” links along a right section – subsections entitled: About (a brief description of the blog scope); Related Library Pages (local resources); Recommended Sites (national & international news); Academic Scholarly Communication Blogs (blogs created by peer institutions); and Blog Archive (links to older postings). The main area will be updated regularly, providing up-to-date news on the rapidly changing Scholarly Communication landscape. The libraries are providing this forum to inform and support discussions about posted news items. Contributors for both posting (posting requires an email invitation from blog administrators) and commenting are welcome. If you are interested in posting please contact Brendan Rapple or Mark Caprio.


Mark CaprioMark Caprio
eScholarship Program Manager

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