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Library Assessment Update

Accreditation Visit

On Monday, March 12 the Library was visited by two members of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges' Visiting Committee as part of the University's re-accreditation process. The visit followed up on the University's self study which was also submitted to the Visiting Committee.


Standard 7 in the Standards for Accreditation is Library and Other Information Resources. Along with the standard information regarding collections, service, and strategic planning the Library needed to address the issues of assessment, or Institutional Effectiveness, as it is called in the Standards.


As stated by NEASC, each of the eleven Standards articulates a dimension of institutional quality. In applying the Standards, the Commission assesses and makes a determination about the effectiveness of the institution as a whole. The institution that meets the Standards:

  • has clearly defined purposes appropriate to an institution of higher learning;
  • has assembled and organized those resources necessary to achieve its purposes;
  • is achieving its purposes;
  • has the ability to continue to achieve its purposes.



Libraries Website Redesign

Over the last year and a half, the Libraries have worked with Information Technology Services and the Office of Marketing Communications to prepare for a major redesign and restructuring of the Libraries' website. The latest iteration of the site is expected to launch over the summer 2007 break.


Major Goals for the Libraries Website Redesign:

Organize site around tasks rather than library departments and places.

Combine related tasks, e.g. access to library 'accounts' in one location.

Aim for more seamless integration of systems and web content by embedding specific search options etc. at the point of need. 

Label sections and pages using more plain language, e.g., Resources = Find Library Materials.

Consolidate help:

  • Information regarding a certain resource or service will be contained in one place.  E.g., loan policies will be collected as one document, rather than distributed throughout each library's site.
  • Help and information regarding using a specific library system, e.g. ILL, will be accessible from the system interface rather than located on the main libraries site.
  • The various methods for getting more specific help will be provided in one location, rather than "Research Help", "Ask a Librarian", and The Connors Family Learning Center.


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