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FALL 2007

New ScienceDirect Access Starting January 1, 2008

ScienceDirectOver the past year, the Boston College Libraries worked with faculty in various disciplines to identify the ScienceDirect titles which were most critical to their needs. This effort paved the way for Boston College Libraries to step out of the Boston Library Consortium deal and negotiate individually with Elsevier, the ScienceDirect publishing house. A primary benefit of this move is that the Libraries have been freed from the non-cancellation policy imposed by Elsevier on Consortium partners. Starting January 1, 2008, the Boston College Libraries will subscribe directly to the titles most heavily used at Boston College and will provide individual article access for all other ScienceDirect journals. 


Negotiations this past summer with the publisher resulted in the following one-year contract details:

  • Access to the complete array of ScienceDirect titles 1995 to present, exceeding the access that was available via the consortial deal of 1200 titles.
  • Access to all backfile journal volumes (pre-1995) available through ScienceDirect.  (This is a new feature of our access.)
  • Access to all of the added materials listed above, for the coming year, will be for a set fee which is reasonable and financially responsible. 
  • The right to add/cancel titles at the end of 2008.
  • Finally, the coming year of access will provide more data on usage that will be useful in preparing for future ScienceDirect contract negotiations. 


It is important to reiterate that this is a transitional contract, representing a special arrangement with the publisher. This one year of abundant and complete access (and attendant usage data) for all ScienceDirect journals and journal backfiles will aid in further work with faculty on evaluating the annual ScienceDirect package. If you have questions, please contact Chris Conroy, Associate University Librarian for Collections.


Beth SweeneyChris Conroy
Associate University Librarian for Collections


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